Our International Women's Day Stories: Meet Celebrity Stylist Holly Elgeti 

To celebrate International Women's Day, we spoke with five women who inspire us, talking all things careers, and style! 

In this week's edition, we caught up with Holly Elgeti, celebrity stylist and founder of Holly Elgeti. 

Holly Elgeti is a fashion and celebrity stylist famous for working with Little Mix, Leona Lewis and Winnie Harlow, to name a few. Holly spoke to us about her love for fashion and her favourite jewellery looks.

Who do you consider the most inspirational woman/women in your life?

If we’re talking about women close to me then it has to be my mum. She is truly inspiring to me. She’s always on the go multi-tasking a million things while studying to be a yoga instructor and running her therapy practise. She’s living proof that you can make time for everything in your life whilst keeping calm and enjoying it all. It is incredibly inspiring to be around.

Someone you look up to in business?

When it comes to creating a business in the Fashion industry I will always look up to Natalie Massenet. She changed the way we buy fashion and made luxury fashion more accessible through founding Net-a-Porter. There’s also a lot of women who have inspired my career as a stylist. I very much look up to Kate Young and Elizabeth Saltzman with their red carpet success, and Rachel Zoe will forever be a huge inspiration to me.

What was your dream career growing up?

Funnily enough it was working in the fashion industry as a stylist or buyer...

Do you believe in the saying 'Dress for the job you want'?

Yes completely. Clothes tell people who you are with out you having to speak (as Rachel Zoe famously says). Dressing to impress works, mainly because you acquire an air of confidence that your everyday wardrobe cannot match - you hold yourself differently when you put on a strong outfit, it truly is a game-changer. For me, I wear a strong cuff to all my important meetings

Your go-to jewellery piece for a business meeting/ job interview?

For me jewellery completes my outfit as I tend to wear a lot of black, so I have a fair few go-to’s. I always wear multiple gold hooped earrings with layering necklaces and - top dependant - a statement ring or necklace. Rings in particular make me feel ready for a meeting - they give me some sort of inner confidence... kind of like a form of armour.

One piece of jewellery you never leave the house without.... 

My husband brought me a lucky horse shoe necklace as my something new for our wedding a couple of years back. Since that day I have never left the house without it... it’s become somewhat of a lucky charm for me. For me this is the real beauty of jewellery, it can hold so many precious memories

Your first piece of jewellery was...

90's stretch elastic choker aside... my first piece of real jewellery was a charm bracelet my parents brought me for my 18th birthday. It was incredibly special.

Your favourite CARAT* London piece is... 

I love the delicate layered hoop earring styles CARAT* does, especially the Polaris earrings from the new Chelsea collection. I think these are beautiful and incredibly versatile, I always prefer wearable jewellery styles that will be forever in my wardrobe.

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