Our Journey

17 years ago we founded CARAT* London on the belief that fine jewellery needed democratising. The idea was to be inclusive rather than exclusive. The key was to work with high quality simulants and lab grown alternatives to mined gemstones and set them in fine jewellery. 17 years ago, we started this journey and this is how far we have come…
  • 2003

    CARAT* London Founded

  • 2004

    We partnered with Gemesis to develop markets for lab grown diamonds in retail and online.

  • 2005

    We shipped our first lab created diamond jewellery online in the United Kingdom and the United States

  • 2007

    Diamond yields were low and the high cost of production of colourless diamonds kept anyone from scaling their business. We paused our lab diamond sales.

  • 2014

    Breakthroughs in growth rates bring the diamond age closer with the development of newer technologies to improve yields to truly compete with mined diamonds.

  • 2019

    Almost 16 years ago the technology to grow high quality diamonds was nascent and full of promise. It would take years to be able to deliver a diamond with better values as well as value.

    That time is now.

    Here is our path forward to become a truly sustainable jewellery company.

    Things can change if millions of us make small changes to our life.