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Our Story

  • In 2003, founder and CEO Scott Thompson started his journey in Vicenza, Italy, historically famous for its jewellery-making expertise. His travels led him to the Far East, to an area known for the trading of rubies and sapphires for hundreds of years.

    Here, he found himself at the grinding wheel with stonecutters working by hand in the traditional way, cutting and polishing with their hands and eyes in order to achieve the perfect finish. This impressive craftsmanship became the main inspiration behind CARAT* London.

  • We founded CARAT* London 17 years ago on the belief that fine jewellery needed democratising. The idea was to be inclusive rather than exclusive. The key was to work with high quality simulants and lab grown alternatives to mined gemstones and set them in fine jewellery.

    The brand boasts a strong celebrity following including Emma Willis, Pixie Lott, Lady Gaga, Olivia Palermo, Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding, Maisie Williams, Lucy Watson and Alesha Dixon.

    Since 2011, CARAT* has been a committed supporter of the arts through its sponsorship of the BAFTA Television Awards, a foundation that has been credited with launching to the world many of our great British acting talents.

  • Working together as a husband-and-wife enterprise, Scott and Heidi Thompson continue to develop their original vision as they keep up with the demands of fast fashion.

    beautiful, affordable, relevant and always

    ... #BEGENTLE