Our International Women's Day Stories: Meet Gila Polak, Executive Head of Fashion & Beauty at Hello! Magazine 

To celebrate International Women's Day, we spoke with five women who inspire us, talking all things careers, and style! 

In this week's edition, we caught up with Gila Polak, Executive Head of Fashion & Beauty at Hello! Magazine. 

Gila is a working mum, juggling between her full time job and successful career at Hello! Magazine and her 3 years old daughter.

In this series Gila talks to CARAT* London all about her inspiration, her love for jewellery & fashion and what she will be passing on to her daughter.

Who do you consider the most inspirational woman/women in your life? 

Gila: This is a tough one as I have lots of incredible role models in my life. If I had to chose just one, I will say my Grandma, Mama Joyce. She is nearly 92 years old, a mother to 9 children, a grandmother to 30 children and a great grandmother to 34 children (so far!) and is the most bubbly, positive, most fabulous lady to be around.

Someone you look up to in business?

 Gila: Definitely the other full-time working mums out there. It's not as easy as it looks, especially missing the pick ups and drop offs every day. 

Who will you be celebrating on International Women's Day?

Gila: My grandmother, mum and mother in law - all fabulous, inspirational ladies who have been brilliant role models to me and my little girl!

What was your dream career growing up?

Gila: Definitely owning my own fashion brand.. I also had dreams of opening a 24 hour shopping mall on nights when I couldn't sleep!

Do you believe in the saying ' Dress for the job you want?' 

Gila: I have always believed that how you look, relates to how you feel and helps gives you that confidence boost.

Your go-to jewellery piece for a business meeting / job interview ?

Gila: You can't go wrong with a statement pair of earrings.

One piece of jewellery you never leave the house without 

Gila: Earrings, even if these are my everyday studs (and my wedding ring!).

Your first piece of jewellery was... 

Gila: Ruby stud earrings from my parents when I got my ears pierced!

One piece of jewellery you will be passing on to your daughter? 

Gila: Diamond studs my mum gave me when she wasn't very well, these are priceless!

Your favourite CARAT* London piece ? 

Gila: This is a hard one as there are so any gorgeous pieces! I do love the Chrysler collection and the Khalesi bangle is such a statement piece.

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